Human Support

Attika Human Support is the largest NFI aid distribution facility in Greece and operates the only independent SAR boat on the North shore of Lesvos. Since our inception in 2015, Attika has maintained an open-door policy supporting everyone in need. We have supported asylum seekers, those granted asylum, local communities and NGOs across Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Leros, Kos, Athens, Thessaloniki, and across the mainland.

Many lives have been put in danger and even lost

in the Aegean Sea as a result of fortress Europe, defending its borders with illegal actions and not providing safe and legal routes for people to claim asylum. These people deserve the same human rights that we have, and I believe our work here is vital for denouncing the human rights violations and supporting those in distress at sea. Today is 5 years since the death of Alan Kurdi. He was one of the thousands of innocent lives that has been lost on these perilous sea crossings and yet 8 years later people are still risking their lives at sea in hope of reaching safety in Europe. I hope that this will change, that men, women, and children won’t continue dying at our borders but until our governments take serious actions, we must advocate for change and be present to help those in need.

As our name endorses,
we support humans in need


We will continue to:

  1. Stand in solidarity with displaced & disenfranchised people arriving to Greece and beyond
  2. Support all asylum seekers, those granted asylum, and local communities in need
  3. Support, without prejudice, life threatening situations
  4. Uphold the European Convention on Human Rights
  5. Uphold the International Maritime Law
  6. Uphold the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)

We remain in solidarity with people in need regardless of their nationality, creed, culture, identity, or language.


After 18 months of planning, detailed preparations, training, fundraising, and immense support from many friends and supporters the Attika Human Support Search and Rescue mission was launched in August 2020. The fully equipped rescue boat NOMAD operates on the north coast of Lesvos which is situated in the north east Aegean and at the narrowest point of the sea crossing between Turkey and Greece.

NOMAD is approved and integrated into the Greek National Search and Rescue plan, cooperates with the Hellenic Coast Guard and is ready to respond in any emergency. The importance of this mission is crucial to protect human rights and international laws of safety of life at sea.

The dedicated and highly skilled crew of NOMAD is the only SAR team monitoring the dangerous waters of this sea crossing. Our professional team, made up of a local and international crew, has a deep understanding of the coastline and waters we monitor and are equipped to report 24/7 on new arrivals and possible pushbacks of refugee boats.

Since 2015, as far as we know, more than 1000 children have drowned in the Mediterranean, and more than 200,000 unaccompanied minors have sought asylum in Europe.

Every child trying to reach Europe has a story, many of them of brutal violence and abuse, of searching for safety and a better life. Many of these children come from Syria, where half of the country’s eight million children have known only war, or Afghanistan, where children comprise over than 30 per cent of total casualties.

Words Of Thanks

To everyone who donated and supported this collective project to make a rescue boat possible we thank you and salute you. Thanks to the support of so many individuals and organisations, NOMAD is standing by for everyone in need in the waters off the north shore of Lesvos.

We thank too, for their support and open dialogue, the local communities along the north shore of this beautiful Greek island. Their solidarity is imperative to our work.

A Search and Rescue team is a necessary resource for anyone facing distress at sea. We are pleased to be the operational search and rescue asset for refugee boats in distress, the local communities, holiday makers, and seafarers in this busy part of the Aegean Sea.

We Would Love To
Hear from you

If you would like to talk to us about what we do, support the mission, or if you are qualified to join our search and rescue team